School Hours:

 8:15 am - 3:15 pm

Students are not allowed
on campus until 7:55 am.

Students arriving after 8:15
must report to the office.

Just a Reminder

Please do not use cell phones while driving in the carpool lanes. Do not drop off students after 8:15 when no adult is on duty.

CIS Beta Club Sweatshirt Sale

The Annual Beta Club Sweatshirt Sale begins this Tuesday, 9/2.  Orders are taken for 2 weeks only, and payment is due at the time of ordering. 

  Sweatshirt Order Form


Healthy Eating and Exercise

Administrators, teachers, support workers, and staff have embarked on a lifestyle change. On Fridays, we have the farmer's market loaded with fresh vegetables and fruits brought to us, so we may conveniently and cheaply buy fresh produce before heading home.

Teachers have been challenged to participate in the 'Free for Five" program. After walking five miles, a free dress coupon is issued. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and regular exercise can improve our chances of not developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and stress-related illnesses. If you have already been diagnosed and  you are on medication for one of these conditions, eating healthy and exercising may help you lower your dose or need no medication at all.  

 We at CIS challenge your family to start eating healthier and exercising.







Principal's Corner



Mrs. Rhonda Taylor

CIS Mission Statement:

We will achieve academic, social, and personal success as a result of rigorous and relevant exposure to real world knowledge. "Be it therefore declared...."

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Central Community School System is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, or qualified disability.
Central Intermediate School is a Title I school. We receive funds to provide additional academic support and learning opportunities to help low-achieving children. The purpose of Title I funding is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and reach, at minimum, proficiency on challenging state academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.
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