AR/Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Program
Central Intermediate School 2015-16 


Purpose of Accelerated Reader (AR)
  • Most popular and successful reading product of all time
  • Makes essential reading practice more effective for every student
  • Personalizes reading practice to each student’s current level
  • Assess students’ reading with the STAR reading test and reading practice quizzes to provide an approximate reading level.
  • Build a lifelong love of reading and learning
How is your child’s reading level determined?
  • All students will be given the STAR test in order to determine their reading level. After taking the test, each child will receive a reading range (ZPD) in which they are encouraged to select books from and a point goal to work towards.
  • The ZPD defines the readability range from which students should be selecting books in order to achieve optimal growth in reading skills without experiencing frustration. However, the ZPD is approximate. Success at any reading level also depends on the student’s interest and prior knowledge of a book’s content. Your child should always select books to match their individual needs and interests.
Reading Goals
  • As students read books and take quizzes they will be working towards two goals. They will be earning points by reading books within their reading range, and they will be working towards having an 85% or higher average comprehension score.
  • During the 2015-2016 school year, there will be four Accelerated Reader goal setting periods. An AR grade will be given during each goal setting period.
  • The dates of the goal setting periods are as follows:
1st goal setting period – 
             2nd goal setting period –
             3rd goal setting period – 
             4th goal setting period – 
Accelerated Reader Grade
  • Third (3rd) Grade - The AR grade will be worth 20 points and will be added to the Reading grade. Half of the points will be awarded for a fiction book, and half the points will be awarded for a non-fiction book.
  • Fourth (4th) Grade – The AR grade will be worth 40 points and will be added to the Reading grade. 20 points will be awarded for a reading comprehension grade for a combination of fiction and non-fiction books. 20 points will be awarded for the percentage of their point goal met.
  • Fifth (5th) Grade – The AR grade will be worth 40 points and will be added to the Reading grade. Half of the points will be awarded for a fiction book, and half the points will be awarded for a non-fiction book.
  • Students may read and take tests for as many fiction and non-fiction books as they would like. The student will be able to choose his or her best fiction and non-fiction comprehension grade for the teacher to record.
  • Classroom teachers may also give additional AR goals to be counted as a grade or homework assignment. Teachers will make you aware of any additional class requirements.
Reading Logs
  • Students should have a 3 prong pocket folder in which to keep their AR handouts and reading log.
  • The reading log should be used to write down information about the book they are readingin order to insure they are taking the correct AR quiz.
  • The classroom teacher and the librarian will do periodic checks to see if the student is keeping up with their reading log.
Points to remember
  • Quizzes should be taken as soon as possible after the book has been read. Quizzes are taken on the computer in either the classroom or the library.
  • The books do not have to be checked out from the school library in order for a student to take a quiz on them. We have access to over 100,000 quizzes. The website is an excellent source to use to find books on the AR list and can be accessed on the CIS home web page.
  • Nonfiction books have more detail and are harder to understand than most fiction books. It is suggested that students choose nonfiction books that are lower than their reading zone. Students will be allowed to go 1 grade level below their reading zone (ZPD) for nonfiction only.
Home Connect
  • We now have access to Home Connect. This is where parents can login to the AR program and see how their child is doing. You can also opt to receive an email with the results of the quiz your child has taken. To access home connect use the following website address or go to the Central Community School System website. Select the students tab, and then select Renaissance Place Home Connect. Use your child’s AR user name and password. User name is first initial followed by last name followed by the last 4 digits of their ss#. (ex. cblanchard9999) The password is their last 5 digits of their ss#.
  • If you have trouble accessing the site, please let me know.
If you have any further questions please contact either your child’s reading teacher or the school and I will return your call.
Phone #-  CIS 261-1390
Thank you,
Udean, Librarian
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