Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education

Justin Hutchinson, adapted physical education teacher, soccer coach, and football coach at Central High School is working with one of CIS's students on her balance and body control using a balance bike. As you can tell, she was doing a great job while having even a better time. This exercise is great for Cayce because she enjoys the freedom of movement throughout the campus, but at the same time she has to make decisions interacting with her environment and peers when she comes in contact with them. 
Justin says he loves this part of his job, working with kids in a personal setting, building relationships and meeting the needs of his students. He says it is rewarding, and he feels like he is making a difference in each student's life.

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More Than Just Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic!

Third graders have been busy exploring and learning a few special things about Louisiana.  Reading and writing are important skills for third graders to further develop, so what better way to practice those skills than reading Cajun Folktales and writing their own folktales? Everyone enjoys a good Cajun folktale. 

Lemanski’s Literary Leaders

Lemanski’s Literary Leaders are learning the four types of sentences. Look what the students in Mrs. Lemanski, Ms. Tullier, and Mrs. Kelly’s class are doing! They are dancing to the song about the 4 types of sentences! Can you name the 4 types of sentences? 

WIN- What I Need

These students are expanding their writing skills and creativity by writing a “fractured” fairytale. A fractured fairytale is a rewrite of the original fairytale with the author(s)’s own twist. Setting, plot, characters, events, timing, etc may be completely different from the original. 

 “Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!” Let the Good Times Roll in Third Grade!

Wow! Third graders have been busy in Social Studies and ELA! We have been learning all about our great state of Louisiana! The students have been studying our unique culture, including food, music, language, and festivals. The classes are reading folktales with a Cajun twist! We have learned about our natural resources and how they help the economy. Third graders have completed research projects on one of our natural resources, cotton.Third grade rocks!

WIN Time: Module 1 Escape Room

Third grade students have been working hard to solve multiplication and division problems! During WIN time, students who needed to extend their learning beyond the classroom participated in an Escape Room activity.