An Artistic Walk through Math, 3rd grade Art

An Artistic Walk through Math, 3rd grade Art

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Our first big projects in art were drawing self-portraits. 5th grade students drew one side of their face and designed their name to accompany the drawing. 4th grade drew the top half of their face, holding a loose-leaf piece of paper that listed two of their goals for the year. 3rd grade used grid paper to draw themselves as a Minecraft person. Each project was drawn using pencil and was decorated by outlining in marker and coloring it in with either crayon or colored pencils. 

As a culminating activity with Math, the third grade will take an artistic picture walk to examine how art also uses math. Each of the grades’ pictures are hanging on the wall using different arrays. The third graders will have an opportunity to examine the arrays I made. They will determine numbers of pictures for each grade and how it can be expressed as a multiplication problem. They will also be asked to show their work as repeated addition and as a number bond. Lastly, they will be given the chance to show their teacher another way that numbers of pictures could have been hung differently. They could determine this by possibly using the commutative or distributive property. We are so excited to see the fabulous artwork these students have been able to make and how math can be seen through so many subjects.


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