Dare Graduation & Christmas Program

Dare Graduation & Christmas Program

 On Friday, December 6th, fifth graders participated in their DARE Graduation. The DARE program teaches kids the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Sergeant Carr has been a DARE deputy for over fifteen years. David Barrow, Central’s Mayor, also attended the graduation and explained how proud he was of the fifth grade class. He was happy to know that the students learned how to make wise decisions that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Mr. Henry, the talented theater teacher, worked with some of our students for weeks to prepare for a Christmas Program. 

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Spring Flowers

Check out Savannah H.'s flower design she created for her assignment named, "Power into Spring with Flowers."

Fourth Graders Create Living Museum

Fourth grade students chose a historical person to research, wrote a report, and prepared a visual aid. Students pretended to be the person they selected and made a presentation to present to third and fifth grade students.

 Reducing Flooding from Storm Surge

Third grade students from Ms. Henry and Ms. Laureles' classes used the engineering process to design seawalls to help protect communities from storm surge flooding.

Jr. Beta Induction

Last week, on October 24, CIS had its annual Jr. Beta induction for all of the students who worked hard and made it into Jr. Beta!  These kiddos had to earn a 3.5 GPA for the 4th grade year in order to be inducted in 5th grade!