Student IDs

Student IDs

Student IDs must be worn to school every day. Each student received a card, case, and lanyard at the beginning of school. If the ID is lost, the case, card, and lanyard will cost $5 to replace. If a student forgets his/her ID, a temporary sticker ID can be bought for $1 to wear that day. Only plastic cases can be purchased for 25 cents and a colored lanyard is $1.

Students should report to the computer lab before classes start at 8:15 am or in the afternoon from 2-3:00 pm for anything ID related. IDs can quickly help us identify students. Also, the barcode is used by the cafeteria's and library's computer software. Scanning the barcode in the cafeteria and library saves time and helps with accountability. On a final note, students need to learn the importance of responsibility. 

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