Carpool Information

Carpool at CIS

If you plan to use carpool for the upcoming school year, please bring a copy of your vehicle registration to Open House.

Please use the designated carpool driveway. The driveway closer to Central Middle School and the fire lane connecting CMS and CIS will not be used for carpool. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you safely navigate through the carpool process.

All carpool vehicles will enter CIS via the driveway connected to the roundabout on Sullivan Road. The carpool driveway is located directly to the left when you enter the school's entrance at the Sullivan Rd. roundabout. Look for the CIS Carpool sign when entering the driveway.

When pulling into the carpool driveway, you will notice that it widens where multiple cars can line up side by side. This helps relieve traffic on Sullivan Road and will allow the busses to exit in a timely manner. School personnel will be stationed at the carpool drive to assist you so that the carpool process runs smoothly.

Parents who use carpool must purchase a carpool tag from Central Intermediate School. This carpool tag should be made visible to duty teachers when you use carpool. Please send $3.00 in cash or a check made payable to your child's homeroom teacher. Parents who do not have their child's name clearly displayed for the duty teachers to see will be asked to drive, park, and wait in a designated area until all other students have been picked up.

Please do not enter this campus from the Sullivan Road entrance that leads directly to the front office when using carpool.

Any carpool vehicle using another driveway to enter the school in order to drop off or pick up a student will be redirected to the carpool driveway. This will help ensure safety and efficiency in the carpool process.

Duty teachers will begin letting students exit their cars for school at 7:55 AM.

Please be mindful that school begins promptly at 8:15 AM. After this time, you must check in your student at the front office.

School dismissal time is 3:15 PM. The same procedure mentioned above will be used for dismissal.

Here is a copy of the letter with the portion you need to return to your child's homeroom teacher.